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Our customers are guaranteed an excellent service from close up owing to our professional and friendly team, from salespeople that help clients better understand our service offering and fill orders as requested by the customer, to service providers delivering a professional service at the event, and a credible management team to ensure that the entire service delivery is provided well and on time, not to mention our industry partners whom we contact for additional resources to better serve you.

Event Solutions

Event Decor
We have budget flexible packages for crowds of between 30 and 1,000 attendants, even though we can cater for events of numbers beyond this range. We are actively involved in the event planning process for months, weeks and days prior to the event, not to mention we have experience dealing with emergency orders as it is frequent for clients to procure items on an emergency basis.
Stretch tents
CUES has two ranges of stretch tents, the first being waterproof tents which consists of tents made of high quality impermeable fabric designed to withstand strong rainstorms. Our second range is of premium quality tents made of high quality stretch fabric that can withstand light rain showers (with the exception of cheese tents as the have holes.) Premmium stretch tents are available in a variety of colors to include white beige, blue, red, and orange.
PVC Tents
These are peg and pole and frame waterproof tents made of PVC fabric.The color white is prevalent for this range of tents.
Floor Solutions
We have floor soltions that include white flooring, synthetic grass and carpets.
Dinning Solutions
CUES provides dinning packages that include tables, chairs, and table decorations color specific to the client's event theme.
VIP Solutions
Our VIP range consists of a variety of products that include couches, ottomans, cocktail chairs, etc.
Event Catering
From starters, main course and deserts, we have food safety dedicated professional chefs who worl with clients to create dishes and menus that are tailored exactly to the customer's needs, specifications, and budgets.
Event photography
Think of a well planned and soundly implemented event ending up with low standard haphazardly taken photos. You can imagine the hard work that went into organizing the event and magical moments being lost forever. Close up has a talented, highly skilled and experienced team of photographers and videographers, complemented with high tech cameras and drones to ensure quality photography and video service.

Production Solutions

• Stretch Tents Strong and durable made to size. These tents are portable and easy to transport, they can also be used as temporary or permanent structures. Choice of pole or galvanized steel or aluminum, and color beige, white, grey, etc.

• Peg & Pole conventional tents a vast choice of varoius sizes made of 550gsm PVC vinyl for walls and roof, with an option of 400mic PVC windows. These tents come with an option of either galvanized steel or aluminun poles. These tents can also be of various colors (white, green, blue, red, etc)

• Canvas/army tents 380gsm olive rip-stop canvas walls with 450gsm olive-stop canvas roof and galvanized steel pools, pegs & rope

Arched shade ports
A grade steel, galvanized cable & one-way tensioned for optimum tension. These provide a shade factor of 95% depending on the specific color, they also have a high water runoff rate due to the arched shape. Waterproof shade netting options also available.
• Fixed shade port Supported on four corners by walls or columns, these offer better stability against storms and offer the possibility of easily implementing side coverings.

• Semi Cantilever Combines flexibility of a suspended shade port with the stability of a fixed one. More flxible in terms of partial suspension and allows for greater accessibility.

• Cantilever shade ports suspended and supported from a single side of the structure through the use of bigger columns, these have no poles in the front hence the sasy accessibility. these ports are aesthetically pleasing and can be suspended over structures where further supports is impossible

Lapa Blinds
All our lapa blinds are custom made per area. we manufacture blinds in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our blinds are manufactured from 550gsm PVC vinyl and 600 mirons clear PVC for windows. The blinds are secured with zips on the side to prevent wind and water from coming into your entertainment area. If privacy or the sun is a problem, you don't need solid blinds, as an extra, we can add curtains to your blinds. the curtains are made from the same canvas as the blinds and can roll up separately or be removed completely when necessary.
Truck covers
To protect a load from adverse weather conditions, we can custom-make any size curtain to fit any truck. We also do installations. These covers are made from 800gsm PVC vinyl.
• Tautliner / side curtain

• shaped Tarpaulins