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Established in 2017, Closeup is a holdings company(CLOSE UP HOLDINGS PTY LTD) houses two brands namely Close Up Events Solutions(CUES) and Close Up Production Solutions (CUPS)

Events Solutions

About CUES
Close Up Event Solutions, CUES in short, is a daughterbrand to the company CLOSE UP HOLDINGS. Established in 2017, CUES is an events management company offering professional event solutions to include event decor, event photography, and event catering services to mention a few, with a strong footing in the private events industry(graduation ceremony, weddings, etc) as well as corporate events industry (year end celebrations, family days, etc)
Vision Statement
To build a multi-product one stop shop for complete event packages to accomodate private and corporate use.
Mission Statement
Close Up Events Solutions offers event decor and other event services for small, medium and large events. We serve corporate events such as company year end celebrations, family days, company anniversaries as well as private events such as graduations, weddings, birthday parties, etc.
Core Values
You think it, we make it a reality, and hence we prioritize communication to co-create your event with you.
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Production Solutions

About CUPS
CLOSE UP PRODUCTION SOLUTIINS, CUPS in short, is a daughter brand to the company CLOSE UP HOLDINGS. Established in 2018, CUPS is a shelter solutions manufacturer, producing tents, car ports, lapa blinds and truck covers for private and instrial use.
Vision Statement
To give outdoor jamboree's the comfort of indoor abode through our products
Mission Statement
We build shelter solutions for instrial customers and consumers
Core Values
Long lasting quality
Modern designs